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More on Drumming

Music is something that lives within each of us. It moves us physically,
emotionally and spiritually. The drum enables us to make a loud noise
with our hands, instantly and easily, without "learning" how to do it.

This release of emotion is also a feeder of emotion, as the drum places
us in the here and now, the present moment and we entrain to the beat.
In drum circles we have the opportunity to allow this raw expression to
be and to facilitate this “NOISE” into a structured, educational, fun
shared group experience.

Everyone gets to take part regardless of ability, being in the circle is
inclusion in itself.

We can teach without teaching the aspects or elements of music and
rhythm that make it fun, enjoyable and healthy for groups to participate
We must be careful not to inhibit the expression of anyone through the
drum, but rather, take that expression and use it as a platform or
springboard to develop an awareness within that client of the different
aspects that can help the person participate in a team, a group, a band,
a family…………!

The drum is simply a tool for developing life skills and allowing self-
expression. If we facilitate this raw energy into a shared group
experience using musical dynamics we can create music. As we
facilitate the elements of music, so too can we facilitate the emotional
experience of the person.

For example, if a person is persistently beating a fast, loud beat on the
drum, and we teach them, in a fun way, that the drum can be played
softly, we are not only teaching them that this is possible, but we are
directly calming his inner state of emotion, allowing him to participate
in a group and empowering him to use the drum as a tool for creativity,
for unity, adding his voice to the “drum orchestra” so that next time he
comes to the drum he is empowered and aware that he can influence
his own emotional state.

In a Fundrums session, everyone is allowed and encouraged to take
part, there are no rules, just an open space for expression and
creativity. There are various elements such as turn taking that develop
confidence and make the person feel good and listened to.

To see a visual explanation of this, look at this chart here
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