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We have recorded CD's with some of our groups.. samples available ! Schools & Youth Groups
If you are a teacher or youth group leader, you have just found a brilliant activity for your group! We have worked with 1000's of kids and no complaints! kids of all ages have taken part and have loved every minute of it!

Our schools program can be run over a number of weeks or can be done on a one day workshop basis, where the whole school get to drum, we start with the youngest class and finish with the oldest, or vice versa! The whole school comes together at the end for a grand finale !

One of our youth groups even recorded their own album! as well as scooping numerous awards for their drumming! Listen to a track on the mp3 on the left.

More on Drums..

What child doesnt like to bang on pots and pans ? we can all remember a day when we did this, spending hours and having loads of fun.

As most people know starting a child on a musical instrument is beneficial in many ways, it is an outlet for creativity, emotions, confidence, it teaches them how to express, think and interact on another level. It is invaluable "food" for the school of life.

Drumming is something all kids love, and we have all they need, drums ,bells, shakers, big ones small ones from all over the world.

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